Environmental Challenge: Take Good CARE of YOUR STUFF!

One of the best environmental tips  is to take good care of the things that you own. Bikes, clothing, electronics, sports equipment, and, games,- whatever you may have, all will last longer if you take good care of them. It will also keep your items looking their best, functioning properly, and might help to increase the resale value of the item.

Take care of things by:

  •  Storing properly  
  • Using in the intended manner
  • Cleaning the items
  • Keeping the object in the appropriate temperature and humidity
  •  Attending to routine maintenance
  • Organize and keep like items together (This will prevent you from losing pieces of a game or buying something you already have but could not find.) 

All of these tips  can save you money. They also save the water, electricity, transportation, packaging costs and the disposal impact.  Using less of all of these things emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and that’s a great thing when it comes to global warming!

Taking good care of your stuff helps preserve polar bear habitat!

Things do wear out and when they can no longer be fixed, try to recycle as much of the materials as possible even if this means taking the item apart. Look for a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, or  better quality product when replacing the item. These products may be a bit more expensive but if they can last longer than the cheaper ones. You will definitely get your money back and then some!