The Beginning with Rex Trailer

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In honor of the March 12, 1999 anniversary of the idea for Catch the Science Bug, we would like to share with you an interview between Rex Trailer, former host of Boomtown, and Kim Bent that was recorded on the very first day that Catch the Science Bug was broadcasted from PBS Rhode Island on November 13, 2006!

 Since the beginning, we have met so many people that are huge Rex Trailer fans.  From working with Rex, I can firmly attest that he lives up to everything you would want in a childhood hero!  THANK YOU Rex! Your legacy of helping children will live on through Science Bug.

 Thank you to everyone who helped Catch the Science Bug grow to where it is today! We could not have done it without all of you who have supported us in countless different ways- a big hug of appreciation is being sent to ALL of YOU!