Weather Challenge I

This is a quiz that I give to the kids who I teach in school! It’s tough. You may need to look some of these up on the web or team up with a friend….preffeably one who knows a lot about the weather!

1. A river of wind made by the meeting of massive air masses high up in the atmosphere

 2. A relative air pressure difference that usually brings good weather and characterized by descending air that warms

 3. An especially fast moving area of wind in the great river of wind associated storms

 4. The temperature at which the air needs to be cooled to in order for clouds, fog, and moisture drops to form

 5. A relative air pressure difference that brings stormy weather and is characterized by rising, cooling air




8. A combination of wind speed and temperature help determine this value that let’s you know how long skin can be exposed to the cold before it freezes

 9.  The amount of water vapor in the air relative to the amount of water vapor the air can hold at the current temperature and pressure

 10. To measure this, you would use a barometer


a. Humidity

b. Jet streak

c. Jet stream

d. Low pressure

e. High pressure

f. Warm front

g. Cold front

h. Pressure

i. Wind chill factor

j. Dew point

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