Funny Little Bird

As a grabbed my cat out of the woods, I couldn’t imagine why this little bird sat only feet away within arms reach. Then it dawned on me, this is only a fledging, or a young blue jay developing into an adult.  I put the cat in, got  my camera, and luckily I found the fledging again.  It could only make short fights from branch to branch.  Blue jays leave the nest when they are anywhere from 17 to 21 days old.  One of the parents kept a careful eye on me and squawked if  I got too close. The family will hang together all summer as the fledgling reaches adulthood.  Blue jays not only use the voices to communicate but will also raise the crests on the top of their heads when they feel danger is present. They also are able to mimic the sounds of certain hawks, cats, and humans. Until this little fledgling can fly really well my cats will be staying inside!

Fledgling Blue Jay


Feathers still growing!