Help Scientists Learn More About Birds!

Pileated Woodpecker photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson

Turn your backyard into a bird observation area that is part of a worldwide network by adding your bird sightings to eBird.  eBird is a worldwide database about birds!!!  People all over the planet are recording the different types of birds, how many they see, and the date and time that they spotted the bird in their backyards. 

By adding your observations you will have your own eBird page which will be a record of what is going on in your backyard.  The site says you can add birds that you see on vacation as well. Think about it… a lifetime record of all the birds you ever met! Very cool!

This information helps scientists and conservationist learn more about birds and our environment!  You can use to help you identify the birds you see. 

I once saw a pileated woodpecker in my backyard, which is a very large bird that to me sounds like a chicken. I honestly thought someone’s chicken had gotten loose was roaming the woods until I got my binoculars out and found the noisy bird pecking in a tree. I haven’t see it since, but if I do, I will let you know on eBird!  I will log (submit to eBird) the sighting of the six wild turkeys that came though my yard at dusk yesterday.  You just never know what feather friend might show up!

Three of the six wild turkeys

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