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Many years ago, we filmed a segment of our pilot episode on reservoirs. Ever since then I had wanted to show how water leaving a reservoir was cleaned to become drinking water.

This year we got the opportunity to do just that! We are very grateful to the Pawtucket Water Supply Board for letting us film at their Water Treatment Facility in Pawtucket, RI. The engineers, chemists, and technicians taught us how they take raw water (water from reservoirs and wells) and clean it to become drinking water!  Our hats are off to them. It is quite a feat.

In order to understand this process, take some time to learn the technical science terms in the Vocabulary Vortex activity. After that explore the Water Treatment Facility Floor Plan to see all the steps that the water goes through in the clean up process and how it looks along the way.  Then test your knowledge of these terms in the Science Lingo Crossword Puzzle.

We all use a lot of water everyday and when we make things. Do the other activities to find out more about water use. I think you will be amazed. Share with us your best water saving tips on our BLOG! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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