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By meeting up with seven different engineers we learned how a chip is made. The chips the engineers make look like this…

(Not to be served at your next party!)

One chip consists of many small and complicated circuits. A Circuit is a path for electricity to follow.  Chips are responsible for many different functions like helping to detect motion or making an image sharp. They are found in so many electronic devices we use everyday like:

  • televisions
  • digital watches
  • phones
  • computers  
  • cameras

Each one of these devices may contain many chips on a circuit board. Here is the circuit board of a computer with its many chips.

It can take a team of many engineers to make to design a chip that accomplishes a certain function. We met the team that is responsible for making one of the chips in the Wii.  Then we saw how the chip was produced. That was another engineering feat! 

For the experiment we looked at a different type of engineering….watch the video on this page to learn more and click on the Experiment activity to try it for yourself!