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Can the sun provide you with a really hot bath? Water that comes into your home is always cold water.  The only way to get hot water is to heat it up! Most people use oil or gas to heat up their hot water.  Do you know what your home uses?

Oil, electric, and natural gas give off green house gases when burned. These gases are trapping the sun’s heat energy in our atmosphere. When using the sun’s energy to heat your hot water, no green gases are given off.

Heating hot water, heating or cooling our homes, and using electricity all put green house gases into the air. See if you can think of ten ways that you could use less hot water, heat, air conditioning, and electricity so that we lessen the amount of green house gases in the air. Blog us with your best idea.

Do the activities on this site to learn more! And watch for my blog on other ways we emit greenhouse gases!