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We are on a mission to share our love of science with more people. It is important that we reach as many children as possible because we have two big dreams for Catch the Science Bug.

Our first dream is to one day hear scientists or engineers say "I love what I do. I won't have even known about this career if it weren't for watching Catch the Science Bug as a kid."  Hopefully this is said as she or he announces a cure for a disease, unveils a "green" fuel, or accepts a Nobel Prize for a scientific breakthrough.

Our second dream is to inspire the next generation of caretakers of this planet to do an outstanding job so that there is clean water and food for ALL, greenhouse gas emissions are a thing of the past, and there is plenty of open space to preserve our biodiversity.

Although we dream big- what we know about our episodes is based in evaluations. Episodes can increase science literacy, raise environmental consciousness, increase awareness of scientists and the type of jobs that they do and increase participation in the math and sciences.  Thus paving the way for our dreams to come true!

We would be thrilled and honored to have you join us in producing more episodes.

Click the button above to donate if you are over 18 years of age.

Thank you!!!